Chongqing YUNMA Brand Design Consultant Co.Ltd was founded in 1996.For several years was named one of the“Top 50 Brand Design Company of China”. For 20 years of trails and hardship. Practicing life journey by design.


YUNMA Brand Design focus on the core value of brand image.Cooperation with friends of different industry to create any amazing brand images.We are not limited to a particular industry, through communication and co-operation in various fields,exploring the cultural and commercial regularity, by analogy. Concentrates on brand research,through brand in the social environment,cultural development in the process of theory and practice, looking for the value of the brand's breakthrough.We participate in it,borrowing the power of design to transmit brand influence.


In 2005,YUNMA Brand Design created the public nature of the“Global Culture Creative Cross-border Exchange Platform”——YUNMA .SPACE OF FEELING ART. So far has organized more than 200 public-service activities. Invite more than 100 domestic and international "design, art and culture" various members of the industry's top professionals to organize Salon. Nearly 100 professional theme lectures,including branding and creative and commercial content, traveling to more than 30 domestic and foreign regions and countries.


Full of the truth,the good and the beautiful.Believe in the power of learning,sharing,communication.focusing on brand image value growth,becoming a unshakable brand treasure hunters. We put our faith – "beauty" spread in this piece of land.